path_normalize(path, @optional allow_relative, origin_directory) 

Take a path of a file or directory and returns its normalized path. The optional origin_directory parameter, which defaults to the current working directory, is the directory used to resolve relative paths. All components of the paths path and origin_directory must exist, except possibly the last component of path. A normalized path is a path containing no redundant parts and which is consistent with the current structure of the filesystem. A normalized path of a directory will always end with a path separator (i.e. '/', '\', or ':' depending on the operating system). The optional allow_relative parameter, which defaults to false, indicates if the path returned can be expressed relatively to origin_directory: a false requests an absolute path, the symbol 'shortest requests the shortest of the absolute and relative paths, and any other value requests the relative path. The shortest path is useful for interaction with the user because short relative paths are typically easier to read than long absolute paths.


// /users/me/projects/hello.txt

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