Vijay Mathew

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I am a software developer and consultant with over 18 years professional experience in system design and engineering. Having worked in a wide range of domains, I am proficient in various programming languages and paradigms. In recent years I have programmed mostly in Clojure, Java, Scheme, C and Python.

I have demonstrable ability in designing, implementing, documenting and maintaining large software systems. I can respond fast in extremely dynamic environments and deliver good quality code. I have worked successfully as part of both local and remote teams and excelled as an individual contributor working on difficult problems.

I am passionate about programming and maintain a fair amount of open source software, some of which are listed below:

I maintain the Lisp Chronicles blog – an attempt to capture the spirit of Lisp in the 21st century. For my writings on general technical topics, please visit the Anvetsu blog.

The best way to contact me is via email.