Vijay Mathew

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I am a software developer and consultant with over 17 years professional experience in system design and engineering. Having worked in a wide range of domains, I am proficient in various programming languages and paradigms. In recent years I have programmed mostly in Clojure, Java, Scheme, C and Python.

With demonstrable ability in designing, implementing, documenting and maintaining large software systems, I can respond fast in extremely dynamic environments and deliver good quality code. I have worked successfully as part of both local and remote teams and excelled as an individual contributor working on difficult problems.

I am passionate about programming and maintain a fair amount of open source software. I designed and implemented the Slogan programming language for high-performance concurrent, networked applications. I maintain the Lisp Chronicles blog – an attempt to capture the spirit of Lisp in the 21st century.

The best way to contact me is via email.